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In addition to the Buy Sell Bands, Range Strength, VWAP Day Trader & Smart Sizing indicators included in our regular monthly package shown on our homepage, you can also purchase the indicators below for a one-time fee for lifetime use.

All of these indicators can easily be added to your TradingView charts today to help you find and manage the best trading opportunities.


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We've all heard of trailing stops and there effectiveness in keeping us in the prevailing trend, for example trailing stops that are based on a % drop, or a multiple of the ATR or a X day breakout below a recent low.


With our custom indicator 3D Trailing Stop, its based on three things; the Trend, Volatility and Volume making it a 3 dimensional indicator, hence the name 3D Trailing Stop. This indicator measures the strength of the trend using 3 inputs and keeps you in strong trends for longer whilst getting you out of changing trends earlier!


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Seasonality is all around us, in business cycles, weather, commodity demand/supply and in markets too. The same patterns can repeat time and time again giving traders an edge ahead with their trades.

With our Seasonality Forecast Indicator you will see right on every chart you look at what the expected % return for the next 20 days is based on historical data going back 20 years! You can change the settings to generate a forecast for any amount of days into the future and go back in time to see how past forecasts ended up doing.


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This indicator shows you when it may be a good time to buy hedges or reduce long exposure in your portfolio. The Market Risk ON/OFF Indicator shades the entire chart Green for Risk-On Mode or Red for Risk-Off Mode.

It's calculation is based on 3 signals; the price action of the S&P 500 Index, Market Breadth & VIX Futures Term Structure. You can see in the chart above it went to Risk-Off Mode on the 25th Feb 2020 allowing you to avoid the very sharp and deep selloff, then on the 24th Apr it went back to Risk-On Mode to let you know it was safe to get bullish again.


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In a first on TradingView we have our Stock Fair Value Indicator which uses fundamental data to generate a fair value per share price to pay for any business! It's our own unique formula using Wall St analyst estimates of future earnings, business growth rates, and balance sheet items to calculate a fair value.

Right next to the indicator shows you whether the stock is currently undervalued or overvalued and by how much letting you easily see whether the stock you're buying is good value or not. A must have for all investors!


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Most people don't realize that all stock market returns happen overnight, it's been confirmed multiple times by plenty of research online that all of the returns in the S&P 500 came overnight with cumulative intraday returns since 1993 are actually negative! 

You can use the Overnight Momentum Indicator to take advantage of this by showing you which stocks have the best overnight returns and can employ a buy the close / sell the open strategy or see which stocks have the best overnight momentum.


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When stocks exhibit both extreme price action sentiment and valuations they're vulnerable to crashing and that's exactly what the Stock Crash Risk Indicator lets you know. With a measurement between 1 for very low risk and 10 for very high risk you can tell straight away what the chances are a stock you're interested in might crash over coming months.

It's remarkably accurate in forecasting stocks that will crash, you can use it to steer clear of all dangerous stocks and stay in more safer ones.


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No more pouring over balance sheets trying to check the quality of a business you're interested in, now with our Business Quality Score Indicator you can see with a quick glance how strong any stock is. Measuring the profitability, efficiency, safety, debt, and liquidity all rolled into 1 easy score you will know right away if your stock is worth investing in or not. 

You can also use this indicator to monitor your current investments to see if the business quality is improving or declining. A must have for all stock investors!


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This very popular indicator makes Trend Following easy on any instrument and timeframe. Whether you trade stocks, forex, futures, crypto or any other asset in the world you can use Trend Candles Indicator to tell you exactly when to buy and sell.

It will keep you in all good trends and let you know when to get out, you can setup real time alerts to your email/SMS and with the visually appealing design all your candles are either green or red so you'll never wonder again whether to stay in a trade or get out!