The Best Indicator for Swing Trading

When it comes to profitable swing trading you need the right indicator in order to be able to quickly spot good trading opportunities then be alerted when you should exit the trade.

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When it comes to choosing the right technical indicator for swing trading it can be very confusing with a plethora of choices out there..

Do you use the MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics.... ?? the list goes on..

And the problem with these traditional trading indicators is they're very vague in there interpretation and use, none of them provide clear signals as to when you should buy or sell because they all can be used for both trend following and reversals.

That's why we set out to develop a technical indicator that tells you exactly when to buy and sell any instrument on any timeframe.

The result... is BUY SELL BANDS our unique custom trading indicator built for the highly popular TradingView charting platform.

It's very simple that anybody can use.. installed in a matter of minutes it shows on every chart you look.. and best of all it shows right on the chart buy and sell signals telling you exactly when is the best time to get in and out of your trades.

Below is an example..

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 9.23.14 AM.png

You may have noticed our 2nd custom indicator the RANGE STRENGTH INDICATOR at the bottom of the chart.

This indicator tells you when the market is in a ranging mode which is the best time to use the Buy Sell Bands.

All markets in all timeframes oscillate between trending and ranging, so we only want to make reversal trades when the Range Strength Indicator is showing green bars, which indicates to us the market is trading in a sideways pattern.

Below are some examples of Buy Sell Bands and Range Strength Indicators on popular stocks showing you optimal times to get in and out of trades..

JPM_2021-12-02_13-55-55 (1)_edited.jpg
DIS_2021-12-02_13-56-07 (1)_edited.jpg
NFLX_2021-12-02_13-55-31 (1)_edited.jpg

As you can see the Buy Sell Bands do a remarkable job at identifying winning swing trades by letting you know exactly when to buy and sell.

There are additional things you can do as well to increase your win rate, inside our private Members Area we teach trading strategies you can use the Buy Sell Bands with and what other filters you can use to improve your chances of success.

Whether you trade stocks, forex, options, crypto or any other asset the Buy Sells Bands is considered one of the best swing trading indicators to help identify winning trade setups.

Below are some back tests to show you the profitability of using Buy Sell Bands, these were run on a handful of popular stocks all with the same settings to prove robustness.


If you've been struggling as a new trader to find profitable trading indicators to use in swing trading then we strongly encourage you to try Buy Sell Bands today, you only need a free account with TradingView and installing them only takes a few minutes which we show you exactly how to do inside our members area with an easy to follow instructional video.

We guarantee you'll find value with our custom indicators and other resources inside our members area, and if you don't, we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee so all the risk is on us.

If you would like to give it a go, click on the button below to learn more and sign up to Buy Sell Bands today!

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