Don't settle for ordinary indicators

Buy Sell Bands and Range Strength are custom stock and forex trading indicators that work on the popular charting platform


Combined together these 2 indicators will show you exactly what levels to buy, sell and close your trades for any instrument on any timeframe.

Sideways is the new trend

  Ever found yourself stuck trading in a range? Don't worry it's normal, most markets spend over 80% of the time trading in a range and that's why we designed 2 unique custom technical indicators specifically to take advantage of this phenomenon shown in every traded asset. See the chart below explaining how to use our 2 indicators.

Go Long Below Green Line

Exit On Cross of Blue Line

Look for Positive Reading to

Confirm Market Is Non-trending

Go Short Above The Red Line

Step Up Your Trading With

Our Custom Indicators

Professional traders know you need an edge to win in the markets and having unique custom technical indicators is a great way to assist in finding profitable trades.

Our custom indicators are specifically designed for the mean reversion trading strategy, both for identifying entry and exit levels in single instruments and pair trading one instrument against another


We're online traders just like you and the indicators we created for our own trading we've now made public for anybody to use.

Works On All Markets

Our indicators work perfectly on all markets inside the Trading View charting platform. No matter what your preferred choice of assets to trade anywhere in the world, you can easily add our indicators to any chart of any instrument.





Works On All Timeframes

Whether you're a day trader using minute charts, a swing trader using hourly charts or a position trader using daily charts our indicators work on all timeframes, big and small to show you the best trading opportunities to buy low and sell high within a defined trading range.

Apple 5 Min Chart

Apple 1 Hour Chart

Apple Daily Chart

Easily Identify Perfect Trading Conditions with our Range Strength Indicator

Use the Range Strength Indicator to confirm buy and sell signals from the Buy Sell Bands. Ideally we only want to employ a mean reversion trading strategy when the market is in a ranging (non-trending) mode.


The Range Strength Indicator shows you whether a market is ranging or trending, see below for an example.

This is a short signal from the Buy Sell Bands we would ignore because the Range Strength Indicator is Red (negative reading) meaning the market is in a trending mode and is not ideal conditions to be range trading.

This is a short signal from the Buy Sell Bands we would follow because the Range Strength Indicator is Green (positive reading) meaning the market is in a ranging mode and is ideal conditions to be range trading.


vs  Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are a traditional trading indicator developed over 30 years ago. They are a standard freely included indicator in most charting platforms. The simple logic behind the indicator shows lower and upper bands that are 2 standard deviations from the 20 day moving average as the default setting.

Buy Sell Bands have several key differences from Bollinger Bands that we believe gives traders a strong advantage. Buy Sell Bands show buy and sell levels based on current and historical volatility in the market so they're not just showing bands based on the last 20 bars, but rather on current & historical patterns in that particular asset.


Buy Sell Bands are designed specifically for range trading, whereas Bollinger Bands can also be used for trend trading. As such, Buy Sell Bands don't display such sensitive "squeezes" in the bands after periods of contracted volatility which often come before sharp break-outs. 

Below is an example of the same chart with Bollinger Bands on the left and Buy Sell Bands on the right, you can easily see the differences here.

Bollinger Bands

Buy Sell Bands

Setup Real Time Trading Alerts to Email & Phone

With real time trading alerts, you don't have to be glued to the screen all day.


Whether you're at work, on the go or at home you can receive buy and sell trading alerts for any instrument straight to your phone via SMS or to your email inbox.


There are also several other delivery options so you'll always be notified of when there's a new trading opportunity.

Quick Installation To Start Using Today

There's no complicated software to install or learn, Buy Sell Bands & Range Strength are indicators you can easily and quickly add to your TradingView platform so they automatically show on every chart you look at and for every timeframe.


After you purchase you'll receive a email with instructions on how to add our indicators to your charts. If you don't already have a TradingView account you can easily open a free one here.

Works on All Devices Wherever You Are

No matter what device you use, a computer, laptop or mobile phone you can add our Buy Sell Bands & Range Strength Indicators to your TradingView charts to help find the best trading opportunities in any market. 

Easy to Read User Manual

After you sign up we will send you our 22-Page eBook User Manual covering everything you need to know about the Buy Sell Bands and Range Strength Indicators.

This easy to read manual will show you exactly how to set it up for best results and it also offers many tips and tricks on how to best trade ranges.


Inside the user manual you will learn things like;

  • Why Range Trading is Easier than Trend Trading

  • How to determine what time frame you should trade

  • What markets does BuySellBands works best on

  • What time of day is best to trade ranges

  • How to setup real time alerts to your email and mobile phone

  • What is the one thing you should look out for when trading ranges

  • How to use BuySellBands on pair charts (one market vs another)

  • The best & cheapest online brokers for trading all markets

  • 12 Free resources & tools to help with your range trading

After you signup you will receive a copy of our user manual.

No matter how small your questions we're always here to help you with any matter. Whether you're new to trading or a seasoned pro we've got fast support for all traders.


We also provide ongoing training videos on how to achieve the best results using our indicators across all popular markets.

We've been a Premium Member on Trading View for 5 years which you can see here.

Follow us for video tutorials and trading ideas.

Fast Support & Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Buy Sell Bands & Range Strength Indicators?

They are 2 premium indicators designed for the TradingView charting platform. You can add them to any chart inside TradingView to see buy and sell entry spots on the chart with the Buy Sell Bands indicator and confirm whether the chart is ranging or trending with the Range Strength Indicator.

How much does it cost to buy our indicators?

You can access both of our custom indicators for a monthly fee of $29. After signing up on this page your TradingView username that you enter in the order form will be given access to our custom indicators so you can begin using them today.

Why are they better than other indicators?

Our two custom indicators were designed specifically for range trading by using a unique formula for showing upper and lower bands that show potential entry and exit levels, and a unique reading showing the strength of the markets range or trend. Unlike other indicators which give vague double-way readings, Buy Sell Bands tells you exactly where to buy, sell and close all trades with arrows on the chart and you can setup alerts to be notified in real time when there's a trading opportunity.

What is required to use our indicators?

You will need a free account from TradingView and then you can easily add our custom indicators to any chart of any instrument.

Strong Backtested Results

Below are some backtest results showing the performance of Buy Sell Bands. All these backtests were using the same settings on the same timeframe across different markets to prove the robustness of the system. If you're looking for the best stocks and forex indicators, then you've come to the right place.

Forex - USD vs Franc (USDCHF)

5 Minute Chart Backtest Results

Stocks - Activision Blizzard (ATVI)

5 Minute Chart Backtest Results

Commodities - GOLD (XAUUSD)

5 Minute Chart Backtest Results

Stock Pair - Mastercard/Visa (MA/V)

5 Minute Chart Backtest Results

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